Shopify     Anywhere     Identity branding & anthem promo video
A giant promo to launch new Shopify tech and set the tone for their brand visuals.

Shopify was about to change online shopping forever and wanted to launch a visual identity language as well as an anthem promo video to excite and inspire it’s userbase.

It actually wasn’t hyperbole for once - every product you’ve seen from Instagram to Etsy has been enabled by it: the ubiquitous purchase/learn more buttons.
Shopify loved the result, their (tough to impress*) marketing department loved the style & direction and it went on to inform their website and collateral for over a year ︎  

*Their words, they were shocked how easy the sell through was ︎

Client:  Shopify
Vinny Verma, Alexandra Middleton, Michael Welfle  

Direction:  Alex Mapar, PPL Sea         
Storybords:  Alex Mapar
Previz:  Alex Mapar
Design:  Stephen Kelleher, Alex Mapar, Raul Burgos
Animation:  Alex Mapar, Daniel Luna, Matt Greenwood
Look Development:  Matt Greenwood, Alex Mapar

Music & Sound Design:  Jim Guthrie
Producer:  Mandana Mapar