Telemundo     Welcome     Digital billboard content
3 minutes of welcoming chill to loop on a giant screen at the Latin network's new HQ.
Telemundo moved to a new city-block sized HQ in Miami and we had the pleasure of developing  the content & strategy for their fancy new 2 story tall lobby screen. High end looks, a tight production & a sensitive cultural touch all came into play to deliver this beautifully chill project.
Telemundo & the agency were “thrilled”, we made fast friends with the tech team, & now we get to relive summers in Miami each time we watch this︎  

The chill︎  

“Above all, the video is to welcome everyone into the new building and celebrate the Latin cultures in America that Telemundo represents. Engage and excite passers by - but don’t distract them, especially with fast movement that can look chatic on a large screen.”

Modular format︎  

We could see that the producton was going to be tight from early on and so we approached the creative with a strategic eye.

Key to this was deciding to pursue a modular, tapestry style video that could be easily updated. That way we’d avoid costly changes to long narrative arcs if we needed to add, reorder or remove any of the scenes.

While each scene would have it’s own story, together they would paint a wide tapestry of the varied Latin cultures and stories that Telemundo creates.

This gave Telemundo and the agency the time to vet the culturally sensitive scene cues that they were still providing, revising and approving all the way through the last animation phases.

Nice bonus︎
We learned how to dance salsa to animate the dancers ‘just right’ ︎.
Client:  Telemundo
Agency: Gensler

Direction:  Alex Mapar
Storybord:  Alex Mapar
Previs:  David Hobizal
Design:  Raul Burgos, Alex Mapar
Animation:  Terra Henderson, Alex Mapar
Cel:  Hana Yu, Alex Mapar

Production Company:  PPL Sea
Producer: Mandana Mapar