Working Not Working     Onboarding     Editorial content for digital platform
Playful editorial to make the often abandoned sign up process more engaging.
Working not working was having a tough time getting new users to finish their signups. So they made an entirely new onboarding platform and asked us for animations to keep people engaged and motivated to finish.
 ︎ Sign up completion rates increased by over a third! 
Working Not Working was “stoked”, as were we!

︎ We added some zing for the full sized versions, for the original experience, why dontcha go ahead and join up on

We love their mission to help remove barriers for everyone working in the creative industry ︎

Client:  Working Not Working
Brandon Saterlee

Direction:  Alex Mapar
Design:  Alex Mapar
Animation:  Alex Mapar

Production Company:  PPL Sea
Producer:  Mandana Mapar